2018 Ram Rebel – The Beginning

Building a 2018 Ram Rebel to be overland ready

It’s always a great time preparing and getting excited for new overland builds. The ingenuity and inventiveness to customize components to function while looking good is what makes these builds fun.

We’ve got a fun project in the works here at Trucks For Travel, and I feel it’ll be something truck lovers of all brands will enjoy.

We’ll start with some stock pics, and I’ll follow up in the coming weeks with a little write up on the build, components used, and adventure pics as we get it out.


It’s a beautiful day in sunny Bend, Oregon. Parking the new Ram Rebel next to a fleet of EarthCruisers’ made it feel a little inadequate being a stock truck.


The truck was purchases new 2 weeks ago, and the only things done so far are spray in bed liner from Speedliner, de-badged, and a Waxoyl under-body corrosion protector applied.


The 2018 Ram Rebel came fully outfitted with 4-corner air suspension, a 5.7L Hemi engine, 3.92 gearing, center diff locker, rear LSD, 17 rims with off-road tires, and the upgraded 32 gallon fuel tank. Overall a great platform to start with.